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2018/10/14 Centre Pompidou
π 2018-10-14 01:01 in Museums, Paris
It has been so many years since I was able to enter Centre Pompidou due to a completely ridiculous line to even enter the building, never mind the exhibits which can have hour+ lines themselves too.
I thought pre-purchased tickets would help, but really not so much. Thankfully the line getting in wasn't terrible, but some temporary expos still had very long lins. So, we went to see the other ones first, and thankfully they were open late, so we were able to see the other ones later.

Modern art is well, variable. There were some interesting bits, others were so-so:

I definitely wouldn't put this first in a visit of Paris, starting with how hard it is to get into it, but I'm happy we got to see it eventually.

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