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2008/01/07 1 week in France
π 2008-01-07 18:46 by Merlin in Ntrips, Paris, Trips

So little to do, so little time...

We first spent 4 days with my dad , had the usual Jan 1st lunch at Geneviève's , and then spent a few days with my mom .

My dad, among other things, took us to Park Astérix , which was cold as shit :), half closed, but it was nice to see what was open, as well as the ice skating show that my dad's friend setup there.

We tried to spend a little time visiting Paris , namely La citée des sciences et de l'industrie @ La Villette, seeing an IMAX movie at La Géode, visiting le Pantéon , and an exposition on the TGV at le Grand Palais.

After a couple of days with my Mom, we did the usual trip to Holland to see all my aunts, uncles, nephews, and nieces.

And after just being back from Holland, we barely had enough time to pack, and see Rani, Severine, and Benji for dinner:

After all this excitement and little sleep before the monday morning plane, we ended back up in SFO, but without our luggage :( (although it should get there by tomorrow, I'm told). Thank you again Air France, and the lazy ass folks who work at CDG.

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