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2018/12/24 Xmas 2018 in Paris and la Défence
π 2018-12-24 01:01 in France, Ntrips, Paris, Trips
We went to the Louvre underground shops which have nice decorations and stores that my dad, likes:

We then walked around the neighborhood:

and made it to les Halles and Mairie de Paris for their little Xmas houses:

After seeing my mom another day, we walked around concorde and Madeleine:

We then headed to "grands magasins" (printemps/haussmann):

0 euro bills, cute
0 euro bills, cute

Another morning, we went to Musée de l'homme (museum of man) that had been recently rebuilt. It's right by the Eiffel tower:

From there, a few nice views:

We then headed towards la déefence where we hadn't been for 10 years. They had a big collection of Xmas houses, which sadly closed earlier than I planned, but we got to see quickly:

Then, we saw the houses:

The stores nearby were also nice, as well as the surroundings with lighting:

Our last Paris views were a few views from the new Google Paris building:

and after some food shopping, time to go home:

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