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2013/06/26 France Day 09: From Vaison La Romaine to Pont du Gars, Nimes, and Arles
π 2013-06-26 01:01 in France, France2013, Ntrips, Trips

For day 9, it was time to leave Vaison La Romaine to go to Arles after a good visit of Nimes on the way. It was nice to have spent 2 nice at the same place for a change :)

Internet was non existant, but I had my phone taped to the window to act as an access point that routed to the cell service (which wouldn't reach through the brick walls) :)

So, we went to Pont du Gard, the impressive Roman Aqueduct:

From there, we went directly to Nimes:

There was nothing left of this stadium, but impressive:

they had a huge water arena for water sports
they had a huge water arena for water sports

They had other nice monuments:

From one tower, you could get a really nice view of town:

We walked down the gardens:

The water from that amazing aqueduct that went on top of Pont du Gars eneded here to bring water to Nimes:

From there, we finally went Arles where we had just enough time to see les thermes de Constantin:

We walked around Arles a bit before going for a great dinner with seared foie gras sandwich. To die for :)

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