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2017/02/19 Visiting Banff and Lake Louise, Canada
π 2017-02-19 01:01 in Canada, Trips
After Revelstoke, we went to Lake Louise and Banff:

The first day, we went to snowboard at Lake Louise and after that we went to see the castle by Lake Louise. It was fun to visit, especially walking on the frozen lake, which became a hockey field for the local canadians:

The next day, pafter snowboarding at sunshine village|/perso/snow/post_2017-02-20_Mountain-Collective-Tour_-Banff_s-Sunshine-Valley_-Canada.html], we went to see the Banff castle and downtown:

The castle had a few stores/art galleries worth visiting:

Then we visited a few of those in Banff:

this looked yummy, but it was full
this looked yummy, but it was full

And after all the fun, it was time to go back to Calgary and get a flight back:

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