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2014/10/31 Taiwan Day 07: Taichung and Surroundings
π 2014-10-31 01:01 in Ntrips, Taiwan2014, Trips

After sleeping in Taichung, we went to see a few local sights. First, Taichung is overrun with scooters, which actually may cause as much smog as cars do due to their inferior anti polution devices or total lack thereof. End result, the city is filled with smog and overrun with scooters driving dangerously in all directions. That didn't really bother me too much when I was driving since I took the attitude that if they were lane weaving into the lane I was going to (while signalling), they'd get more hurt than me, but it was still a bit annoying.

We started with the Paochueh Temple, which is another temple dedicated to the teachings of Confucius. People honor him as if he were a god. To be honest, considering his wisdom and teachings, I see nothing wrong with that:

The marthyr temple next door was closed for business on weedays, so we only got to see the outside:

So we went to our next stop which was a big buddha statue in the middle of town:

Asia seems to like their koi fish :)
Asia seems to like their koi fish :)

After a couple of temples, the pickings were slim, so when I saw a dot on google maps which gave me a personalized highlighted result for a natural science museum with high ratings. I suggested that we spend about 3H of our schedule to go check it out, and it was time well spent. Oh, and the best part was that it cost $4 per person, can't really argue with that :) This is on its own page

After a good time in that museum (time well spent), we went to a nearby town (Lugang) to see some more temples and old streets:

We found this pet pig attached with the dogs next to a school:

Time for a few more temples before heading out:

Service station for water, cute...

We then drove to our next town, Tainan, two hours away, where we went to another night market for Jennifer and spent the night:


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