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2016/04/25 Singapore Trip Wrapup
π 2016-04-25 00:00 in Singapore2016, Trips

I'm very glad we got almost 5 days to visit Singapore. There was a lot to see, and we didn't see it all.

It's a very modern city, I'm impressed with how well things are running there. The weather was of course tough, you end up drenched in sweat after 10-15mn walking outside on many days, or you end up in a severe downpour of rain. That said, what we saw was great, and it was super easy to get around with cabs and uber (they were so cheap that it really didn't make sense to take the MRT most times).

I'm impressed with how Singapore managed to get people from different cultures to live together, all with their own language, and English as a common language. I was less impressed to see some poor muslim women with a full body (and face) burka (i.e. you only see the eyes), which I find barbaric and medieval. It was also probably bad luck, but I was very not impressed with how our hotel caved to the muslims (only 15% of the population in Singapore) and made the buffet that was supposed to be for everyone, Halal. In other words, they're letting Islam and Shariah law decide what's ok for the rest of us to eat and effectively let a single non majority religion remove food items from everyone. That, I found very unacceptable, I'm not ok with allowing a non majority religion to set their standards upon everyone else (if they are majority, I consider that part of the culture and then have the option of not going to see the country if the culture is offensive enough to me). I hope this kind of poor judgement from the hotel (Marina Mandarin Singapore) is not widespread.

Putting that aside, we did have a very good time, sweat way too much, and didn't get enough sleep :) We were sightseeing up to the last minute by touring all 3 terminals of the airport.
I'm glad we got to go there. Thanks to the people who helped us out with tips and suggestions.

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