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2016/04/22 Singapore, Day 03: Downtown Singapore
π 2016-04-22 01:01 in Ntrips, Singapore2016, Trips

By the 3rd day, I was mostly managing to take a picture from our room without my lens all being fogged up by the high humidity and high temperatures :) next, we had a nice breakfast again (except for the BS that it was halalh and Shariah law approved, pretty sad in Singapore with only 15% muslims).


We then went to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, which includes a museum on buddishm, quite interesting:

Next, we walked through Chinatown and the food market:

Next door was an indian temple, which we were able to visit, both quite a contrast and quite interesting:

Next we went to a Neko café:

And from there, we walked to the national museum and made it just before a torrential rain came down:

After the museum, we went back to Sentosa Island to visit the Aquarium this time and then have an even bigger dinner at Joël Robuchon.

After a big dinner, we went back to Garden by the Bay and Marina Sands for fantastic night views:

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