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2016/04/19 Trip to Singapore
π 2016-04-19 01:01 in Ntrips, Singapore2016, Trips

Since we were going to Bali for diving, this time David from Cranky Concierge got us a nice award flight through Singapore with Singapore Airlines (91K miles, and $325 for first class, not bad). This was of course more miles than our return business flights with Eva air for only 120K miles in the past, but we didn't need to go through Taiwan again, and Singapore First Class is beyond outstanding.

The first class seats on Singapore were big enough to sit 2 people, and you could even sleep 2 people per seat. And just to make things even better, we had a row of 4 seats to ourselves, so the flight attendants setup 2 seats as bed, and we left our 2 setas as seats, and it was easy to switch back and forth between them without having to reconfigure them. Needless to say that it could not have been much better :)
The movie system was alaos extremely good. I had a visual console where you could see the movies and control the selection on a visual screen:

The food was excellent too, from a very good menu. We got caviar and bottomless cocktails, don perignon, and very good wines:

We flew over Japan on the way, and landed in Hong Kong for refueling. We had to deplane and sample the local first class lounge for a 2nd breakfast (after the 1st breakfast in the first plane, and before the 3rd breakfast in the 2nd plane :) ):

The 2nd flight was in the same plane, so we got our seats back and finally arrived in Singapore:

It's one of the biggest trading ports in the world, lots of boats:

Eventually after a long flight, we arrived in Singapore. To be honest, the flight was so nice, for a while we didn't even care about where we were going anymore :)

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