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2013/08/15 Lewis Black at Montalvo Arts Center
π 2013-08-15 01:01 in Outings
I had never been to the Montalvo Arts Center art center. It's a nice little place to visit and see shows at, although they have limited (expensive) parking or a shuttle ride to an offsite parking lot. Also, they unfortunately work with the bastards at ticketmaster who were happy to take a whole $35 or so to sell us online tickets which I'm sure cost them maybe a whole dollar on a good day (then again, is there anyone else small venues can work with now?)

Back to the topic, I've been a Lewis Black fan for a while, I'm into dark humour and calling out the crap that is out there, and he does a great job at it :)
So, I got tickets for Jennifer and me to see his show and have a pre-show dinner there (after which we went to visit the grounds before the show).

Then was time for the show:

Lewis is obviously getting old, but that's actually a good thing. I really liked his perspective on life vs how things are today. Mixing his life lessons with humour and his funny pissed off routine was very enjoyable.

Since then, I picked up the audiobook of his book Me of Little Faith and that was similarly enjoyable and enlightening at times (it also happens to be narrated by him).

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