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2013/06/12 Great America
π 2013-06-12 01:01 in Outings
In the 17 years I've lived 15mn away from Great America, I never managed to go to Great America. It's both the problem that it's too close and that I hate people and lines :)

Finally this year I had a day off during a weekday, and I used that to go with Jennifer when it's not too busy. Then I found out they also sell a fastpass that effectively gives you front of the line privileges at most rides, so I splurged.

I had just gotten the shades for google glass, so it was also a great time to try them and take first person view shots of the rides:

Glass came in handy with my emergency strap to prevent if from flying off when upside down:

Here are a few pictures from rides, most taken with glass:

It's fun to compare the climb the ladder game from glass (FPV) vs and outside view (and getting my ass kicked):

A few videos of roller coasters:

This one also was good to test your stomach :)

I also got some nice high up views from some rides:

this can be a bad ass ride, but the was they ran it is a bit sedate
this can be a bad ass ride, but the was they ran it is a bit sedate

The new superbowl stadium being built
The new superbowl stadium being built

They also had a water park which was quite nice actually:

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