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Here is a list of older linux event reports I made before my blog was started, then the rest are below
1996/11/18-21:Linux Pavillion Comdex Fall 1996 (photos only). I've been going since then to help at the linux pavillion.
1997/11/18-21: Linux Pavillion Comdex Fall 1997 (photos only)
1998/05/28-30: Linuxexpo 1998 (photos only)
1998/11/16-20: Linux Pavillion Comdex Fall 1998 (full report)
1998/11/11: Silicon Valley Tea Party (report with pictures)
1999/02/15: Windows Refund Day (report with pictures)
1999/03/20: SVLUG KTEH night (photos only)
1999/03/01-04: LinuxWorld Expo Winter 99 (complete report with many pictures)
1999/03/31: Mozilla Party one year anniversary (photos only)
1999/05/18-22: Linuxexpo 1999 (complete report with many pictures)
1999/06/07: June 99 Balug meeting with Linus
1999/08/09-12: LinuxWorld Expo Summer 99 (complete report with many pictures)
1999/11/15-19: Linux Business Show at Comdex Fall 1999 (full report with pictures)
2000/08/14-17: LinuxWorld Expo Summer 2000 (complete report with many pictures)
2001/01/17-20: 2001 (complete report with pictures)
2001/07/25-28: OLS 2001 (photos only)
2001/08/25: Linux 10th Anniversary (report with pictures)
2001/09/27-30: LinuxWorld Expo Summer 2001 report with pictures)
2001/11/05-10: ALS 2001 (photos only)
2002/06/26-29: OLS 2002 (photos only)
2003/01/20-25: LCA 2003 (photos only)
2003/07/23-26: OLS 2003 (photos only)
2004/01/12-17: LCA 2004 (photos only)
2004/07/21-24: OLS 2004 (photos only)
2005/04/18-23: LCA 2005 (photos only)
2006/01/24-28: LCA 2006 (photos only)
2007/01/17-21: LCA 2007 (photos only)

Here is a list of all the talks I've given:

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2013/01/28 2013
π 2013-01-28 01:01 in Linux
Another year, another LCA. Some brave volunteers donated many hours of their time and personal lives for another great conference that we've all come to enjoy (since 2001 for me). I already had come to Canberra last time the conf was there, and while the local diving hasn't improved :) the conf was great again. It was awesome to be able to see Mt Stromlo and the Telstra Tower restaurant this time.

Thanks to all who made this possible.

Now, some select pictures. I have a different page for Pictures of Canberra

On Sunday evening, I met with old friends:

my old coworker Joey, hadn't seen him in over 10 years
my old coworker Joey, hadn't seen him in over 10 years

Speakers get the red carpet at LCA :)
Speakers get the red carpet at LCA :)

Bdale gave a nice keynote on his last days at HP, and his retirement, playing more with rockets:

More about Bdale

Monday was arduino miniconf day. We built a 2D CNC machine that can draw using CAD files:

the finished product :)
the finished product :)

Tuesday, I was a lucky invitee at the speakers dinner, which gave me a chance to socialize with friends during a nice dinner in a rotating restaurant:

After dinner, I went to hack on the CNC a bit, and we got mine working with John's help:

On wednesday, there was a way too early Professional DNS breakfast (instead of dinner). It was nice, but too damn early, and the lack of sleep made it more difficult to follow the talks during the day:

nice ear rings :) (made with CNC)
nice ear rings :) (made with CNC)

Wednesday was the main conf opening. Donna got Rusty's wrench:

After the conf, I went to the local maker venue:

Thursday, Bunnie Huang, of chumby fame, gave a great keynote about his experience with designing and selling the chumby, as well as his new device that can add an overlay on a HDCP signal without decrypting it:

That evening, after the talks, the penguin dinner was at the top of Mt Stromlo:

Friday, Tim Berners Lee gave quite frankly a pretty lame keynote that many people could not even understand a portion of due to his mumbling, which I guess was no big loss because he just rambled a lot anyway. I'm not blaming the organizers for that, they couldn't have known that he was such a terrible speaker. I just hope others will know this and save themselves the trouble of inviting him.

And just like that, it was over. During conference close they announced that the next location would be Perth. Paul gave a hillarious 1mn25 talk about the insecurity of social networks, and why you shouldn't link them:

Then was time for actual conference close:

thanks Mikal and all the organizers
thanks Mikal and all the organizers

After that, Ben nicely invited me for a nice french dinner at the water edge:

And here are some random pictures from talks and folks:

git talk
git talk

Chrome Boot Talk
Chrome Boot Talk

Tridge on radio comms with his self flying plane
Tridge on radio comms with his self flying plane

Dirk on subsurface, which I got to use the next week while diving :)
Dirk on subsurface, which I got to use the next week while diving :)

Paul, the crazy genius with always entertaining talks:

fun slides as always :)
fun slides as always :)

More pictures of old friends:

See more images for 2013

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