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2014/05/15 Visiting Japan Day 11: Nara to Kyoto
π 2014-05-15 01:01 in Japan, Japan2014, Ntrips, Trips

I'm not sure Jennifer needed to go anywhere that morning :)

Then again, when I mentioned breakfast, she was up :)

After a good breakfast, we went for an early visit of Nara before the crowds showed up. So nice early in the morning.
We started with Kasuga Taisha, which we had seen before, but it didn't hurt to see it again :)

do not feed the deer bad food, or they get sick and sad :)
do not feed the deer bad food, or they get sick and sad :)

Next was Shin-Yakushi-ji:

We then cut through the park to get to Kofuku-ji, which we didn't have the time to enter last year:

We then went to Yoshikien again because it's nice and it was on the way :)

And we figured, what the hell, we had of course visited Todai-ji the previous year, but since we were walking in front of it to get back to our room, we went inside for a peek again:

Next, we went to Toshodai-ji and Yakushi-ji on our way to Kyoto. My plan was to store our luggage in the lockers by the Kintetsu train station Nishinokyo, but the lockers were too small for my big luggage :( In the end I had to lug it to both temples, but since it was raining anyway, we just took cabs:

That was a good run for Nara, so we ended there, and took the kintetsu to Kyoto (just 50mn), checked in our hotel across the train station, had a quick loook at Kyoto tower but didn't go up since we were warned it was overrun with kids by the people selling tickets (also the weather was poor), so we went to Kyoto station instead for good views, dinner, a visit of the inside (including the awesome dot matrix display built into the stairs, and back to the room).:

And this concluded another nicely filled day.

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