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2014/05/25 Visiting Japan Day 21: Yokohama
π 2014-05-25 01:01 in Japan, Japan2014, Ntrips, Trips

After a good night at the Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi (5mn from the Google office), I had a quick look at the view from our room, but unfortunately we only got the 9th floor, so that view didn't go very far. Our room in Nagoya had been much better :)

After breakfast, we took a train to Yokohama. We started with Chinatown so that Jennifer could go bond with "her people" :) There was a fantastic Tao temple with exquisite wood carvings, paintings, and gold leaf covering. Turns out it was only 25 years old after the previous temple burned in a fire caused during Chinese New Years...

After walking by the waterfront and witnessing a boat race.

This got us to the Cup Noodle Museum which was a lot of fun. We designed our own cup noodle container, and made a custom flavour by mixing the ingredients of our choice. After that, we learned about its inventor and his life, which was actually quite interesting.

Next was the amusement park where we took the ferris wheel for nice higher up views,

landmark tower
landmark tower

Just after, we went to the landmark tower next gave much much better high views :)

Last but not least, we went back to Tokyo to meet to Japanese people who invited us to their home for dinner and conversation, and getting to talk with them (in English) was enlightening.

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