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2014/05/19 Visiting Japan Day 15: Nagoya Toyota Museum and SCMAGLEV and Railway Park
π 2014-05-19 01:01 in Japan, Japan2014, Ntrips, Trips

After waking up in our room with great view on top of the Nagoya train station, we enjoyed the view outside while having breakfast:

We took the longish journey to the Toyota Factory (about as long as taking a fast train to Tokyo :)), for our toyota factory tour (on its on page)

Next, due to how long it would have taken to get around with public transport, we took an expensive but much faster cab directly to SCMAGLEV and Railway Park which we had seen quickly last year (1h15), and I thought was definitely worth a longer 3H+ visit.

Lots of pictures from museums on this Nagoya's SCMAGLEV and Railway Park page

After a good long visit of the train museum, we went back to Nagoya to pick up our luggage and take a train to Tokyo:

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