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2011/09/05 Visiting Italy Day 4-5: Bologna, Modena, and Maranello
π 2011-09-05 01:01 in Italy2011, Ntrips, Trips
It was difficult for me to go across Italy without stopping at the Lamborghini and Ferrari factories by Modena and Maranello (and went to see Pagani while I was at it). Jennife was a good sport and tagged along :)

So, after seeing Milan, we took a fast train to Bologna and I have a different page on the supercar factories and museums.

However, Maranello and Modena had plenty of other things to see. Thanks to the fantastic folks from Hotel Locanda del Mulino who set us up with a visit of Parmigino Parmesan Factory, Da Clara Balsamic Vinegar, and the Castle Rocca Di Vignola.

On the 2nd day, after seeing car factories all day, we started the with a thorough visit of the Parmigino Parmesan Factory, and learned everything about how they make Parmesan from milk:


We then got a tour of the very small Da Clara Balsamic Vinegar producer. Vinegar is moved to every smaller containers when it becomes denser:

and since we still had some time left, we went to see Castle Rocca Di Vignola:

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