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2004/05/16 Rafting Trip
π 2004-05-16 13:59 by Merlin in Google

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So, we had our "annual" ops rafting trip at work, and just for fun I somehow decided to catch a good cold the night before (no idea when, I was fine when I went to bed, but woke up with a sore throat and clearly decreased energy)

Actually, that would be the 2nd time out of 4 company outings, as I got quite sick right before the first company ski trip I went to. Anyway, it didn't stop me from going then (and somehow partying and snowboarding), so it didn't stop me from going that time either. I mean, what can icy river water do to a cold with fever? :)
Long story short, I was doped up on various meds so as to mostly pretend I was ok, had a good time, and ended up with a good fever when I got home friday night (who would have thought?)
I took a few pictures, but none during the rafting itself as last year, the guide purposely drowned the boat under water (aka "surfing") for about a minute, which defeated the waterproofing for my canon S10 I brought back then (actually I was barely able to recover the pictures from the camera itself), and while I was ok with losing the camera (it was my backup camera back then), I was not overly thrilled with all my coworkers who always ask for my pictures and enjoy them, as none of them chipped in a cent when I suggested that I'd appreciate a small contribution for my camera loss from those who routinely enjoyed my pictures.
I didn't need the money mind you, but entire the lack of gesture from any of them gives me 0 incentive from busting my butt to give them much better pictures than most of the ones they'll have gotten with the lame 10 meter fixed focus disposable cameras they brought on the trip this year.
No, I'm not bitter :)
Anyway, the pictures from last year (which frankly have the same rafts and river, so no reason to really get another set :) are here while the new ones are here
Hmm, I can’t say I fault your coworkers on this one. If I had a friend whose cooking I enjoyed immensely, I would offer to buy her ingredients. But should her pot break or her oven go on the fritz, I certainly wouldn’t offer to help pitch in for a new one. The problem with digital photography (unlike film) as a hobby is that there are no “ingredients” that others can help you with. :-/
posted by goaliegirl : 20 May, 2004 02:28

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