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2016/09/19 Germany Day 04: Trier and Nurburgring
π 2016-09-19 01:01 in Germany2016, Trips
After our first night in Trier, we went to see what we didn't have the time to see the previous day, but being sunday, most museums were closed (hence our rush to see them the previous day), and we were done by 15:00 or so. This gave us (well, really me) the opportunity to go to nearby Nurburgring and drive 6 laps there on the famed killer circuit (on a separate page), yeah! ;)

Anyway, this post is about Trier and what we had left go see while we were there. We started with Porta Nigra, so called because the stone turned black over time:

Nice view from the top:

We then walked around town to St. Peter's Cathedral after going through marketplatz. It was absolutely huge and pretty:

Next, we went to Basilica/Imperial Throne Room, which is more historical, but not as impressive inside, outside of the sheer size:

From there, we went to Viehmarkt Baths Museum, vestiges of Roman Baths:

We then walked through downtown a bit again, and drove to the Roman Amphitheatre before heading off for Nurburgring:

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