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2013/07/08 France Day 21: Bayeux Tapestry, and finishing up in Caen with the Caen Memorial, and back to Paris
π 2013-07-08 01:01 in France, France2013, Ntrips, Trips

This was out last day visiting France before returning our rental car and taking a train to Paris.

We started with the Bayeux Tapestry which is indeed an impressive work of art, it took 35mn to look at it super quickly because of a fast audioguide that is meant to keep you moving and get you out to make room for others. While my limited knowledge of history easily beat poor Jennifer's who had to content with the abysmal amount of history that is taught in the US, I'll admit that I couldn't make myself be interested with the 1500+ years of history I had to learn as a kid, especially 1000 years+ of kings, wars between them, and between France and England. Turns out that the tapestry actually talks about a French duke from Normandy going to take over the throne of England which for complicated reasons was actually his.
Anyway, this filled a few holes of stuff I never really paid attention to, in school.

After that, Caen memorial was indeed yet another museum on WWII, although it ranged from end of WWI to the cold war. It had plenty of worthwhile displays that easily took 4H (or more if we had extra time).

Eh, I used to do just this in French School :)
Eh, I used to do just this in French School :)

We the had just enough time to bring our rental car to the train station, return it and take a train to Paris to meet my dad for dinner:

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