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2006/07/29 Ottawa/OLS 2006
π 2006-07-29 22:20 by Merlin in Canada, Trips

Due to complicated reasons, I didn't make it to Ottawa and OLS last year, but I was happy to be back this year, and see all my linux conference buddies :)
I also used the opportunity to show Jen around a bit, and introduce her to the local pastries and salty yummies too :)

While we were there, a good way to visit was to rollerblade the river banks, and the traditional sunday Hacker Bike Ride.

More pictures can be found here .

across the river, it's all in French. Seeing McDonalds all written in French was funny

and like each time I was in Ottawa, I had another birthday there, sweetly celebrated. Muah :*

Sunday was the usual hacker bike ride, a nice route through Ottawa by the river paths

Yellow was the bike ride, white was the rollerblade ride 2 days before

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