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After painful years with DOS and windows, back in the days when they were really bad (if don't like them now, think about how much worse it was 20 years ago), I finally got introduced to, and started with
Linux 0.99pl15 in 1993 and I have since then been a die hard fan.

Besides, Linus is a cool man :-):
Picture of Linus Picture of Linus Picture of Linus
I guess we changed a bit over the last 13 years (linuxexpo 1998, LCA 2003, and Linuxcon 2011)

After using Linux at school, at home and at work, I became a linux advocate. Soon after I moved to the Silicon Valley in 1997, I became a member, and a little later, an officer, vice president, and president of the Silicon Valley Linux User Group, which I served in various fashions for 7 years.
I have also had the chance to work at SGI when it was switching to linux, VA Research/VA Linux, back when it was a cool company, and I got to work with some of the brightest linux folks around. I now work on linux exclusively at Google

Software I use and worked on

In order to participate to the linux laptop survey, I've made a list of the laptops I've used with linux (so very outdated now, just left behind in case people are still using those things)

Linux wouldn't have existed without the free software community, therefore, even if I'm more a sysadmin than a programmer, I've tried to help by providing code/bug fixes/bug reports to many open source projects, including the following (many are quite old now, some of that stuff date back to the 90's):

and by writing the following:

Talks I've given

Linux Events I went to and took pictures at

1996/11/18-21:Linux Pavillion Comdex Fall 1996 (photos only). I've been going since then to help at the linux pavillion.
1997/11/18-21: Linux Pavillion Comdex Fall 1997 (photos only)
1998/05/28-30: Linuxexpo 1998 (photos only)
1998/11/16-20: Linux Pavillion Comdex Fall 1998 (full report)
1998/11/11: Silicon Valley Tea Party (report with pictures)
1999/02/15: Windows Refund Day (report with pictures)
1999/03/20: SVLUG KTEH night (photos only)
1999/03/01-04: LinuxWorld Expo Winter 99 (complete report with many pictures)
1999/03/31: Mozilla Party one year anniversary (photos only)
1999/05/18-22: Linuxexpo 1999 (complete report with many pictures)
1999/06/07: June 99 Balug meeting with Linus
1999/08/09-12: LinuxWorld Expo Summer 99 (complete report with many pictures)
1999/11/15-19: Linux Business Show at Comdex Fall 1999 (full report with pictures)
2000/08/14-17: LinuxWorld Expo Summer 2000 (complete report with many pictures)
2001/01/17-20: 2001 (complete report with pictures)
2001/07/25-28: OLS 2001 (photos only)
2001/08/25: Linux 10th Anniversary (report with pictures)
2001/09/27-30: LinuxWorld Expo Summer 2001 report with pictures)
2001/11/05-10: ALS 2001 (photos only)
2002/06/26-29: OLS 2002 (photos only)
2003/01/20-25: LCA 2003 (photos only)
2003/07/23-26: OLS 2003 (photos only)
2004/01/12-17: LCA 2004 (photos only)
2004/07/21-24: OLS 2004 (photos only)
2005/04/18-23: LCA 2005 (photos only)
2005/08/10 Linuxworld Expo Penguin Bowl
2006/01/24-28: LCA 2006 (photos only)
2007/01/17-21: LCA 2007 (photos only)
2008/01/30-03: LCA 2008 (photos only) and LCA 2008 blog post
2009/01/21-25: LCA 2009 blog post
2009/09/21-25: Linuxcon 2009 blog post
2010/01/20-24: LCA 2010 blog post
2010/08/10-14: Linuxcon 2010 blog post
2011/01/24-28: LCA 2011 blog post
2011/08/17-21: Linuxcon 2011 blog post
2012/01/14-18: LCA 2012 blog post
2012/08/29-02: Linuxcon 2012 blog post
2013/01/28-01: LCA 2013 blog post
2013/05/28-30: Linuxcon 2013 in Tokyo
2013/09/18-20: Linuxcon 2013 in New Orleans
2013/11/06-08: LISA 2013
(I've stopped maintaining this list above, go to my
linux related blog entries which include blog posts on linux conferences I went to).

Linux Blog Entries

Here my linux related blog entries.

Other Misc Pictures

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