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Saturday, Auguest 25th 2001, SVLUG had a big barbecue in Baylands Park in Sunnyvale to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of linux.


So how did this start?
Ian Kluft was the SVLUG member who came up with the idea to find a date for the 10 year anniversary of linux and have some kind of celebration.

Ian picked August 25th as it was the day, ten years ago, when Linus announced his first version os linux on comp.os.minix (see the history page on the web site), and it conveniently was a saturday in 2001.

After some discussion on the SVLUG list, people agreed that doing a barbecue would be a good idea. Drew Bertola teamed up with Ian to setup the web site, a mailing list, recruit more volunteers and made the whole thing happen.


After: The day came, and it was time to setup the event.

[event picture]

[event picture]
thanks for hanging some protection so that ...

[event picture]
... the burgers got cooked, but not our chefs :-)

[event picture]
and thanks to Ian being a HAM, we got a lot of HAM volunteers, who set up a base relay station in the park...

[event picture]
...and helped relay communication between the volunteers and the shuttles we had between the lightrail and the park


"If you build it, they will come", and sure enough, they came :-)

[event picture]
Hi, welcome to linux10. Can I interest you in a T-shirt? :-)

[event picture]
Ian, "running" around with his bike, making sure that everything was running smoothly

[event picture]
Once again, Rick Moen won the obnoxious shirt contest (we had hopes for Josh Neal, but he flaked out)

[event picture]


To work out some of the food, we had several activities planned, from a PGP keysigning (ok, maybe that one didn't burn too many calories :-), but you can then boast that your key has more signatures, and that it was signed by Dmitriy). Others played ball and various other games, biked around neighbouring trails, and the Frenchies (myself included), went for a few games of Pétanque

[event picture]


After a long fun day, Don Marti and Tabinda had a few words to thank our sponsors, announce that the money left over was going to the EFF, thank everyone involved for their great work, and wrap up the event.

[event picture]
"What do we want? Free Dmitriy! When do we want it? Now!... Err, I mean, thanks for coming to the BBQ" :-)

The food left over wasn't lost, I had made plans with SART in Sunnyvale to drop off the excess food we'd have, and they got a truck full (plus whatever I could fit in my Miata :-))

[event picture]

The event was a great success, the park people were impressed and said that we "really had our shit together", Drew is happy because he managed to sell more than 330 shirts (there are 20 or so left, get yours now), good times were had, and people went home happy.

To sum up, here are a few words, for Ian Kluft, the event organizer:

Everyone - Wow! Linux10 was a great success. Yeah, the attendance estimate was off a bit. I know some friends and co-workers of mine who couldn't make it at the last minute. I'm sure there were other stories like theirs. But what did we accomplish? * Everyone was fed and happy. And the lines I saw weren't too long. * The First Aid crew reported that no one needed assistance. * There turned out to be no problem entertaining all the people - they just talked. Many went for walks around the park. * Bikes had convenient parking, even though the park provides next to none. * Transit users were able to conveniently get to the event. * Our Ham Radio volunteers liked it. * The park staff thought we were great. * We left the place clean. * Donations covered all volunteer out-of-pocket expenses. We'll be presenting a check to EFF this week at LinuxWorld Expo. A lot of people came to me wanting to thank me as the coordinator. I turned all these conversations around, letting them know how many people put in their time to do their part well, and got them to ask me to forward their thanks to the team. So, on behalf of many guests I spoke with, thank you for doing such a spectacular job! Actually, I probably can't thank all of you enough. From mid-afternoon on, I was hearing non-stop compliments from guests. It goes to show how much all of you did. The Food Crew's level of preparation impressed everyone. The radios seemed to impress people a lot more than I expected.

[event picture]

Thanks all those who came, and see you all next time.
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