Exim Patches and code

Exim4: SpamAssassin in Exim 4's local scan

This has its own page

Exim4: Very detailled and featureful configuration example

I have spent countless hours coming up with a very nice set of exim4 configuration files. These are meant to have lots of features enabled by default, and this configuration can be installed on many mail servers with no modifications to the master exim4.conf file.
Outside of giving you many exim4 features working out of the box, you also get a config file with variables moved to outside files so that you can hopefully maintain one master exim4.conf and sync it to all your mail servers (one exim4.conf file has always been my holy grail)
Note that if performance is really an issue for you, you may want to tweak the file a bit because all the includes and file lookups to files that are empty by default will cause a most likely unnoticeable slowdown every time exim is launched.

So, what's nice in there?

You can get the complete /etc/exim4/ tree tared up here or you can browse the untarred tree here (current version is: 2005/03/09 - mm10) or you can look at the resulting monolithic exim4.conf

Exim4: Debian Linux Package

I used to maintain a fairly featured exim4 debian package here

Exim 3: Option to control header from callbacks independently from envelope from callbacks

This is mostly based on a small patch Philip posted on the exim list.
You can get it here

Exim 3: Postmaster callback, and much improved error messages

This is an old patch I wrote for exim 3 to allow for postmaster callbacks, and return very explicit error messages when a callback fails. This does wonders in cutting down on complaints as to why people's mail is being rejected.
You can get it here

Exim 4: Better and extended error messages, and postmaster callback

I rewrote my exim 3 patch to exim 4 which actually returned worse error messages than exim 3 on header check failures. While I use it, it hasn't gotten a lot of testing, but it seems to work fine.

To see a sample of what you get, look a these examples
The callout option gains a new flag: check_postmaster which will ensure that the called host also accepts mail for postmaster.
For comparison, stock exim 4 outputs messages like these

The patch (v0.9) against exim 4.04 can be found here and the one against exim 4.05 can be found here

These patches have been included in exim 4.11 (in a somewhat modified form)

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2002/05/06 (09:47): Version 1.0. Initial version
2002/05/16 (02:09): Version 1.1. Released initial version of exim 4 error patch
2002/07/04 (11:08): Version 1.2. Added more patches
2002/10/14 (09:42): Version 1.3. Better links to sa and deb pkg page
2002/10/14 (12:40): Version 1.4. Added exim.conf release info
2003/05/17 (23:15): Version 1.5. Added info about what became obsolete