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2021/08/26 Mme Tussauds London
π 2021-08-26 01:01 in Museums
Last visit to London, did got to see Mme Tussauds, both because the line looked long, and because I wasn't as excited about seeing more wax figures of UK figures I didn't really know, but turns out that it's actually the best such wax museum I've seen in the world, well worth the visit.

I didn't care for this picture, but obviously others did
I didn't care for this picture, but obviously others did

There were cool sections on movies like Alien:

There was another interesting section on Mme Tussauds herself, how she started her career during the french revolution and did actually make copies of famous heads that were decapitated:

The next part was a very interesting ride showing you even more things, I didn't expect that:

And it wasn't over yet, it seems that they've added extensions over time. The last one was on marvel characters:

And also star wars:

All in all, totally exceeded expectations, definitely enjoyed it.

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