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2017/07/26 Great Britain Day 01: Bath
π 2017-07-26 01:01 in Greatbritain2017, Ntrips, Trips

Day #1: Rain.

After landing in Heathrow and picking up our rental car, we drove directly to Bath. We got there by 16:00-ish and that was just enough time to check in our B&B and go to Bath Abbey, visit and take the tower tour for nice views of the area from high up:

Next, we went to the Roman Baths who got excavated pretty recently. They have the only natural hot source of water in the UK:

warm and full of minerals
warm and full of minerals

In the evening (daylight until 21:30), we did the bizarre path night comedy tour. The humour was ok depending on who you ask :) but it also included a few acts of magic that were actually not bad. Not essential to do, but not a waste of time and money either :)

And that was it for our first half day in England.

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