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2017/01/03 Cafe des Chats in Paris
π 2017-01-03 01:01 in Cats
During our time in Paris, I figured we'd go check out a somewhat new cat café in Paris (one out of only two). By the time we arrived, we found out that it was actually kind of a real café/restaurant with a proper menu, and somehow they are allowed to serve food with cats roaming around.
There was however a line to get in, and once in people were actually expected to order food or at least a drink and stay at their table with maybe cats that could come by you, or not. It didn't seem like you could roam around and go find the cats to pet them.

Clearly that looked underwhelming compared to other cat cafés we've been to, so we didn't bother going in. I just took a few pictures from the outside:

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