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Hi, before starting, just a few words:
Since the purpose of the Web is to convey information, I use old-style HTML (something before the never approved HTML 3.0), so that I can reach as many browsers as possible. Therefore, I tried to make all my pages work with even really old web browsers as well as PDA/cell phone browsers that sure can do without extra bloat. Who needs flashy anyway? (incidently, I wrote this before adobe flash even existed :-))


Here is some basic information about myself:
I've been a Linux sysadmin most of my career, and started using linux before companies had heard about it, and were using it (1993). While I did learn other unix systems like SunOs, Solaris, AUX, AIX, Irix to name just those, I turned out not to have to work on those much and spent most of my time on linux back then, and even more so now.
Right after school, I moved to the Silicon Valley and got to work for a few noteworthy companies like Network Appliance, Silicon Graphics, VA Linux Systems, and then Google).

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