Windows Refund day Videos

If you can mirror this directory (with all the videos), please let me know.

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This page has the links to the video clips of the newscasts shown TV the evening of Feb 15th (windows refund day).

The MPEG versions are clearly the best, but they're big. The AVI versions will give you a decent idea of what it looked like. I recommend you use mtv for the MPEGs, and xanim for the AVIs. Note that the Cinepak codec (which you need) is in binary form only and therefore Redhat (and maybe other distributions) have chosen not to ship it. This means that the xanim you have on your system may not be able to play the above videos, and that you should get xanim yourself.

It is likely that the mirror site(s) will be faster during the initial slashdot effect
Main Site | Mirror #1 (Courtesy of Lucas Starrett)

Here's the list of available videos:

TV StationLength 320x240 Mpeg160x120 Cinepak AVI RealVideo 200Kb/sRealVideo 80Kb/sRealVideo 34Kb/s RealVideo 20Kb/sRealVideo Stream
ABC2:28 25444KB 6375KB 3727KB 1507KB 659KB 390KB Stream
CBS1:00 10141KB 2425KB 1512KB 621KB 287KB 164KB Stream
NBC2:29 25475B 6072KB 3730KB 1504KB 657KB 378KB Stream
FOX0:39 6780B 1667KB 996KB 407KB 192KB 113KB Stream

Note: I only have 5 realvideo streams. If you can't get a connection, you ought to try downloading the realvideo files first and then play them locally on your machine

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99/02/18 (13:49): Version 1.0
99/02/18 (22:20): Version 1.1. Added mirror #1 (courtesy of Lucas Starrett (
99/02/21 (11:18): Version 1.2. Added RealVideo clips
99/02/21 (13:37): Version 1.3. Added RealVideo Streams
99/02/21 (22:56): Version 1.4. Added More RealVideo clips (different bitrates)