Comdex Fall 1999

My little annual trip to Vegas

If you don't know my reports, you can find other ones here, or look at my report for last year's comdex or the few pictures that I have for Comdex fall 96 and 97.

Eh, you're late

What took you so long?
Yes, I know, I wrote these pages a week after comdex was over. With being in the process of buying a house, my part time job at VA Linux Systems (only 12 hours a day :-) ), and Thanksgiving, I was a bit busy.
Yeah I know: I suck...


So, about the show. As explained in the rest of Comdex page, Comdex was much smaller this year, which had the advantage of making the linux presence even more noticeable.

You can read my report on the following topics:

  • The Linux Business Expo
  • Linus's Keynote
  • The Penguin Playoffs
  • The rest of Comdex
  • Las Vegas


    I'm wondering what Comdex is going to become if this shrinking trend continues. I guess it will simply become just another computer show, but in a location that makes it a bit more appealing to visitors :-)
    As for the linux presence, we've reached our goals. At this point, all we can do is get bigger every year.

    Last words

    Oddly enough, as I'm finishing this page around 05:00, I wrote all the pages without a single caffeinated penguin mint. I'm not quite sure what happened :-). Either way, do point out errors and omissions if you find any.

    As for the unpleasant warning, I'll make it short: you have to ask before taking any of my pictures. If it's for non commercial use, I'll let you use them for free, if not we may work out some deal. I'm not making money from my pages (although I did get a couple of gifts from people who I wish to thank here), so I'm not too cool with people making money off my work with no value added.

    [linuxmall logo] I do know however, that you feel bad that I had to order that Empeg all with my own money, so you will feel better by sending me a check to help re-imburse me :-)
    Update: Mark Bolzern from LinuxMall just made a generous donation to help pay for my trip and time at Comdex.
    Thanks a lot Mark.

    Ted Tso and I, ready to shoot the enemy

    I also need help to pay off my Nerf Guns :-)

    'Till next time
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    99/11/29 (13:08): Version 1.1. Added credits to Mark Bolzern