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Hi, before starting, just a few words:
Since the purpose of the Web is to convey information, those pages are in English, not in French, my mother tongue. Likewise, I use plain standard (who said boring?) HTML, so that I can reach as many browsers as possible. All my pages are Weblint and Lynx) compliant (or at least, they should be).
Feel free to Email me if you find any English or HTML mistakes.

I also have good news for you: You are not using microsoft internet exploder :-) (or may also have disabled Javascript, which means that you know what you're dealing with) If you had, you would have seen this page instead.


Here is some basic information about myself: I'm 26 year old Unix sysadmin (unless I forgot to update this page):-) and work at Taos, the leading Unix/NT/Network sysadmins/Web developers staffing agency in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley Bay Area.

I am a Linux biggot and I learned Unix and Linux while I was studying computer science at Efrei (French School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science). However, I had to acquire my sysadmin skills mostly on my own since you can't really learn those in a classroom

I am member of the following special interest groups:

Here are the other things you can find in those pages:

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99/08/08 (22:02) Version 3.6: Changed my age, and changed the logo at the bottom of the page, and put my picture in the top left corner
99/08/08 (23:00) Version 3.7: Taos Mountain is now Taos, and fixed some HTML
99/08/09 (00:04) Version 3.8: I'm not a linux fan, I'm a linux biggot :-), fixed stuff about Efrei, and added that I'm an SVLUG officer.