Web server demo

Following is the Web server I worked on this summer. It was designed for a wholesaler, in order to get direct orders from the Web.
Payment was not intended to go through the Web, though, as entering credit card numbers is insecure and as using cryptology is unfortunately forbidden in France.

Also, as my employers were more worried by the pages' look, than by their compliance to HTML norms, I have used a few Netscape attributes, while doing my best to have something acceptable on other browers (except if they don't support simple tables).

As for the installation I made here, since my school doesn't allow direct CGI scripts launching (for security reasons), I made a quick and dirty conversion of my pages and scripts so that I could get them to work with CGI warp.

And last, since the pages were in French, I also did a quick and dirty translation of almost everything so that English speakers could read the directions :-)

Let's go for it

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Last updated on April 10th 1998. V 1.2