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2021/12/10 Solarstone at Publicworks SF
π 2021-12-10 01:01 in Clubbing, Tfsf
Last show of the year for me before flying to Paris. So great to have Aphex and ChrisPy open up with a great B2B:

getting ready
getting ready

Around 23:15, Solarstone took over for an extended set (3H), and it was a journey. The coolest part was the many mashups he made on the fly for us. Holly crap, those were a trip, nothing like this heard before, and I lost count, but we got more than 5, what a treat. Thank you Rich!

Rich nicely stayed for pictures at the end:

And of course, I got mine too :) All the pictures I found on google images that would fit on my display (along with black background), had him with a serious look. It was awesome when he took a picture looking just like it, before doing one with a nice smile :)

Video summary, including some of the great mashups:

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