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Partial list of past TFSF events, enjoy...

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2019/12/07 Triode and Marlo at our last TFSF Event at Mezzanine
π 2019-12-07 01:01 in Clubbing, Tfsf
Unfortunately, Mezzanine is not allowed/able to renew their lease, so they are closing forever at the end of the year. This was our last TFSF event with them, going out in style with Triode and Marlo. Too bad, as the venue had gotten quite nice:

I was at my company's Xmas party that night, but ducked out early to attend the most of the event, and it was worth it :)

Triode opened early at 21:00 and played all the way to midnight:

Marlo then took over at midnight and finished the night:

Triode and Marlo during Triode's Castles in the Sky mix
Triode and Marlo during Triode's Castles in the Sky mix

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