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2019/04/25 Orjan Nilsen at Audio SF
π 2019-04-25 01:01 in Clubbing, Tfsf
IT had been a while since I saw Orjan. He's a solid trance DJ I had seen in a festival at shoreline years back, and hadn't seen since then. It was great to see that he was visiting SF, even if it happened to be on a thursday night. So, I decided to go.

AudioSF, however, continued its trend of not bothering to post any set times, or even who the opening DJ was going to be, because I guess it's not important for them to tell us?
Sadly, the opening DJ, was... well, I try not to say bad things about DJs in general, because even if they're not great or I happen not to enjoy the music they're playing, they're still DJs, and I'm not, so that's probably enough of a reason that I can STFU :)
But I'll say at least that AudioSF needs to get a clue and use opening DJs that remotely play the same genre than the same DJ.

Poor Orjan had to work hard to bring the room back to Trance, which in theory was supposed to be the point of that night. Thankfully he did, and good time was had after that.

he was super nice and posed for a lot of pictures that night. Thanks Orjan
he was super nice and posed for a lot of pictures that night. Thanks Orjan

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