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2019/03/01 ATB at Mezzanine
π 2019-03-01 01:01 in Clubbing, Tfsf
Doors opened at 21:00 with Jonathan opening:

Niko took over after that:

After a long wait, ATB finally showed up at 00:30. Despite being close to the front, it was hard to take pictures due to lack of lighting and some bad apples in the crowd that were pushing and shoving to try and get closer. 2 out of control girls kept pushing violently and managed to damage my shirt. Too bad security guys were completely unreachable on that side of the room without losing the spot I had spent hours to get...

ATB's set, while on the short side (just 90mn), was good. I did my best to enjoy it despite the crowd and shoving issues that Mezzanine was unable to see or address:

After his set, he nicely came to shake people's hands, which is obviously not something you get at a big festival where you'd usually see him:

Video summary:

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