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2019/02/22 Infected Mushroom at Mezzanine
π 2019-02-22 01:01 in Clubbing, Tfsf
Opulent Temple has been rocking the playa for many years I was lucky enough to first find them back in 2005:,tfsf/2005-09.html#DJ-Ti_sto-at-Opulent-Temple-Black-Rock-City-_Burning-Man_ and 2007: , and been enjoying them since then. Just last burning man in 2018, they had awesome shows. Thanks guys!

Obviously, this costs money. I remember making donations to their funds back in the day, but as a more sustainable approach, they have been running fundraiser events like this one, and apparently with enough of them, it's been able to more or less fund Opulent Temple at Burning Man. Well done guys.

Infected Mushroom definitely puts on a show. It's kind of hard to describe, but Syd Gris wrote "their electric live shows" which sounds like a good description. The event was sold out a month in advance and so packed that I couldn't quite take decent videos, so I stuck to pictures, and even those were tough (ok, I was also enjoying an experience appropriate to the evening).

Big thanks to the OT crew for bringing us this show, it was definitely one for the books.

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