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2017/08/26 Trance Family SF at Great Northern
π 2017-08-26 01:01 in Clubbing, Tfsf
After the loss of Ruby Skye, it was great to have another venue along with Verso (and 1015). It's conveniently located close to the freeway and plenty of street parking.
The venue was also very laid back, which was duly appreciated.

The main room is not huge, but of reasonable size. The top floor room is much smaller though. I'm also afraid that many people may not have noticed the stairs to it, in the back.
The decors have potential, they put work into them, but I think they'll have to put more work into driving them during the performances (lights and lasers were present, but didn't feel used too much). The good news is that, it'll be easily fixed :)

The lineup was solid:

  • Taj
  • Orkidea
  • Ferry Tayle
  • Jordan Suckley
  • Airwave
  • Gene Xander
  • Alastair james
  • Jonn Connor
  • Christopher Terrance
  • Oscow
  • Martin Cisco
  • I was only able to stay awake long enough to stay until 03:00, and here are some pictures below:


    Ferry Tayle
    Ferry Tayle

    Jordan Suckley
    Jordan Suckley


    40mn summary of most of the night (22:00 to 03:00):

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