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The trained eye will notice that this resume is very old and out of date. Who even cares or knows about mail over UUCP over TCP or maintains source code with CVS/RCS nowadays? :)
I just don't update this page yearly (it's more than 15 years old) since I don't have a need to.

To recruiters, please read this: I know you have an interesting offer, but

  1. I'm not commuting to San Francisco. Traffic sucks, parking sucks, your car gets keyed or broken into, and if you take a shared bus you end up in "go away richie" protest. Yes, there are some nice restaurants, I go there on occasion for that, but just for that.
  2. I'm definitely not moving to San Francisco either or elsewhere.
  3. If your company is on the list of those who sue others about patents (Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, and others), I'm sorry that you have to recruit for them. and understand that I'll never work for them on principle.
  4. More money won't really change this, sorry (ok, that's not entirely true, everyone has a price, I do too, but it's probably more than you were hoping to pay).
  5. More generally, I just switched to 50% time to enjoy time more and really don't need a full time job elsewhere, sorry.
  6. I know you'd like me to refer my friends, but honestly I don't want to bother them and most recruiters would want me to do their job for free and then keep the entire fee for the search even if I found them someone and did the job (a few offered a cut, which was at least appreciated). That said, it's not a money issue, I just have too many other things to do with my time.

OBJECTIVE: None: currently happily employed at Google (recruiters, no need to call)


Sept 2002-Present
Employed as Senior Linux Server Admin at Google
July 2002-Sept 2002
Employed as Senior Linux Server and Network Admin at Intransa (two month contract to redesign the engineering network and help the company move)
May 2001-July 2002
Employed as Senior Linux Server Admin and Technical Lead at VA Software: I rebuilt the whole linux infrastructure from the ground up, and designed a centrally maintained and rolled out distribution based on Debian Linux. Among my many other duties (see computer experience), I designed and rebuilt the mail infrastructure for sourceforge.net (1 million emails/day)
Sept 1997-May 2001
Working as a Network administrator/Unix Sysadmin at Taos.
Here are the assignments I've had so far (reverse chronogical order):
Jan-June 1997
Worked at Metawire while worked part time while going graduate level studies at USC/ISI in Los Angeles.
June-Dec 1996
Seven month internship in Unix and Network administration at Metawire in Hollywood Center Studios. In short, I installed and configured Unix systems (Solaris, SGI, AIX, AUX, Linux); found, identified, and fixed problems (network jams, old daemons, memory or disk space problems); created custom solutions for clients (mail via UUCP over TCP); configured and installed routers; and did customer support
June-Sept 1995
Three month Internship in Unix administration in Paris: built a Web server from scratch (from building a PC, installation, setting up and administration of Linux, to Perl programming for CGI scripts). Did network administration and built a firewall for the local network.
March-June 1995
Freelance programming for Applix France in the Paris area (an ELF program for a publishing company that generates their weekly ads journal automatically by using data entered on remote terminals over the phone).


(what's below was written before 2002, as a result you should notice that most things in there are quite outdated, and I'm just not keeping it up to date, sorry)

1997 A semester of studies for my masters degree at USC
1993-1997 Top graduating student in computer science at EFREI (French school of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science; leading private five-year French engineering school)
1992-1993 Mathématique Supérieure (Mathematics & Physics preparation studies for top students; mandatory for many engineering schools)
1991-1992 Top ten graduating Senior in Pacific High School, Pacific, Missouri, as an exchange student



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