Day 3: Conferences: OpenGL/Mesa 3D Support for Linux


Daryll Strauss is another speaker who is obviously knowledgeable about his subject: he signed an NDA with 3DFX, and wrote the first hardware accelerated 3D drivers for linux. All the hardware accelerated quake demos you may have seen use his MESA drivers.
He also is the guy who wrote the X server for the Voodoo Banshee, server that I am currently using to write these web pages.
Last, but not least, you may also remember the story of the movie Titanic that was rendered on a farm of Alpha boxes running linux. Well, he's the guy who made that happen.
In other words, here's another guy a lot of us owe something to


His talk explained the work he did on 3DFX cards, and gave some explainations on how 3D rendering worked, and what cards on the market know how to accelerate.

Jeff Rose also wrote an article on this talk

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