Day 1: Tutorials: Advanced Perl Programming

Tom Christiansen has been using Perl since its first versions and has been teaching perl since 1989. In other words, it's a subject he knows a little bit about :-). Besides, on top of obviously being a knowledgeable speaker, Tom is a fun speaker just like Larry (Wall, although it's also true of Larry McVoy)

The interesting thing is that he wrote his slides in troff macros, which get parsed by a few programs of his and end up in postscript, but then I also found out that the perl books were written in perldoc, and troff where perldoc wasn't enough. A book in perldoc, pfheww...


Here are a few random bits from his tutorial (I hope I didn't mess anything up):

Another well known Perl hacker, Chip, was in the audience and helped answer a few questions at the end.


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