Day 2: Conferences: Accelerated OpenGL for Linux and XFree86


This talk was done by Jon Leech from SGI and Frank LaMonica from Precision Insight.
Jon gave an introduction to OpenGL, explaining what the different components where, and how they fit together. You can see more details in his slides which are in the middle of the picture gallery


Then, he handed out the crowd to Frank LaMonica who gave the status on Precision Insight's work on integrating OpenGL in XFree 4.0.



Some of the points Frank mentioned were (and that you can see in his slides) were:

Frank's company, PI (Precision Insight), has been hiring talented people, and added Daryll Strauss, the 3D linux man (with his work on accelerated 3D drivers for 3DFX cards), to the team recently.
You can see the whole PI team here:

From left to right: Kevin Martin, Rik Faith, Allen Akin, Jens Owen, Daryll Strauss, Frank LaMonica, and Jon Leech (from SGI)

I'd like to thank the entire team, and especially Frank for being so instrumental in making all this happen in the first place.

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