Day 3: Keynote: Rusty's talks

After getting an ovation (Eh, he was at home, and besides, he is an awesome speaker anyway), Rusty started his 3 talks at once, simply because he could :-) (the talks he was supposed to give were "How Free Software Hackers Get the Girls", "The traditional Netfilter Talk", and "Hack /dev/urandom style".

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Rusty has worked his well known Remarkable Unreliable Guides, FHS (which taught him that people who work on standards have too much time on their hands), and netfilter, which he is the most well known for.

He gave a few words about netfilter, and the sad state it was before it was rewritten.

Rusty gave a very funny talk about how the more you code, the sexier you get and the more girls come and throw themselves into your harms.
However, the downside is that it only takes an aol account to post stupidities to the kernel mailing list.

After he got borred with netfilter, he hacked apt-proxy which grew a life of its own after getting on sourceforge, and he ended up having to hack gzip, then rsync and later tdb (trivial database).

I apologize for not giving due credit to his talk in my summary here, I was still recovering my flu, and it was a long day. But don't feel too bad, you just have to experience one of Rusty's talks to get an idea anyway :-)

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