Day 3: Evening Dinner for Speakers and attendees

This was a welcome change, my first night when I wasn't in bed at 19:00 with a fever and a stack of handkerchiefs :-)

After a very nice dinner with all the conference attendees (you can see some pictures of a few tables in the picture library), Konrad went on stage and thanked all the people who made the show possible. He told us about how fun, unstressful and rewarding the whole experience was and was really sad that they had to hand out the torch to the poor SOBs, I mean the lucky people who are going to be next year's volunteers for organizing the conference to be :-)

[picture] [picture]

He also introduced us, foreigners, to the all Australian "oath" game. The rules are really simple: every time someone says "oath", you gotta drink :-)

That said, before things really got out of hand, and people retreated to pubs after dinner, Maddog gave us a little presentation about the state of linux's usability ore more specifically he gave us his "Mom and Pop" talk (up to date version of a talk he already gave at Digital for similar reasons)


In essence, his parents aren't stupid (his Dad is actually quite handy with cars), but they're terrified of electronics. Maddog gave us a rundown of the tech toys he's given them over the years for Christmas:


The point is that when it came to a computer, he got them one with windows since he knew they wouldn't be able to use linux, and that giving them the same system than what other people had around them made it simpler for them to get help.

The specific points he made after that were:

While Maddog made some good points, I think some people are already moving toward what he's preaching (for instance kppp versus writing a ppp command and chat script by hand), yet there is indeed work to be done because seeing what a hard time my Mom had with learning windows, I would not even dare putting linux on her machine and leave (whether it had KDE or not)

You can see all of Maddog's slides in the picture library (sorry, it was dark, even with flash all the pictures aren't great).

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