Day 3: RedHat Party

After the SVLUG meeting, there were two parties to go to. I first tried to go to the LinuxWorld party at the café Babylon, but I didn't stay long because I still hadn't gotten the chance to eat anything, and by the time I got there, had there been any food earlier, it was all gone. However, the major problem was that the party was kind of dead: there was hardly anyone I knew there, and no much was happening.

So, I headed right away for the RedHat party, and that's where everyone was. With the exception of Linus, the man himself, most of the other panelists were there.
The setting was great, there was music and dancing, food (deserts) and drinks in more than adequate quantity.

those were actually pretty good, RH did not spare any expenses

If you're reading this from a linux machine, it's most likely thanks to the guy on the right, Donald "Arnie" Becker who wrote most of the ethernet drivers for linux.

I swear, they weren't drunk :-) David "Sparc" Miller

Donnie (Barnes, from RH) usually doesn't like to have his picture taken. Oops :-)

[picture] [picture]

Doesn't Bob Young (RedHat) look like a nice guy?

Alexandre Petit-Bianco, Me, and Drew Bertola

The party was awesome. Make sure you check out the other pictures in the picture library. Besides, I say it's really cool to dance between the guy who wrote your X server, and the guy who wrote your ethernet driver :-)

Thank you very much RedHat!

You may want to check out Shayde's report of that evening

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