Day 3: Birds of Feather Sessions

The table in the front was an anti-software patents BoF organized by Christine Peterson (right).
The second person from the left is Bruce Perens.

They came up with a bunch of topics for the Birds of Feather, and most of them were in a big room. However, I attended the Linux and 3D one, presided by John Leech from SGI


We got our own room because there were a bunch of us. It actually turned into a panel pretty quickly

From Left to Right: Franck LaMonica from Precision Insight, Dirk Hohnel from Suse, and who works full time on XFree, Thomas Roell from X.I. Graphics, Daryll Strauss from Digital Domain, and Allen Akin also from Precision Insight

One of the points that were made is that vendors don't mind releasing specs to 2D cards anymore, but 3D cards are a different story. One of the things that was discussed is for cards to ship with a very thin, well documented, layer that hides the hardware from the programmer. This is what 3DFX did with glide, and this is how we've had drivers for linux for a while now (Thanks to Daryll)

Several people came to talk, Marty Franz from 3DFX:


David Schmenk, from nVidia:


and we even had the guy who got hired by Creative Labs to write linux drivers (Jon Taylor from the GGI project):


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