Day 2: Morning Keynotes: Oracle


Jon "Maddog" Hall started with a few words. He made an interesting point: it's cool that there are about 12 million linux users but it's also true that there are more windows users, but the fact is that on this earth, there are still 5 billion people who don't use computers, and therefore haven't made their OS choice yet.
If you take an example like China, people don't have that much money to spend on machines, and they often end up with a 386 or a 486. Do you think they run windows on those machines? Nope, they run linux (or FreeBSD, or some other free and lighter alternative).

He then went on to introduce Mark Jarvis, Senior VP of Marketing from Oracle


Here are the key points from the presentation:

You can also read Huub Schuurmans' report and listen to a realaudio feed.

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