Day 2: Evening Keynote: Linus

Man, the place was packed. There was a huge line.

In the front left corner, are Evelyn Mitchell and Sean Reifshndeider of


First of all, I'd like to clarify numbers: IDG says there were 7000 people who attended that keynote. As much as I'd like to believe this, I personally counted about 3200 people in the main room, and about 300 people in the "overflow" simulcast room. For me, the total is close to 3500. If you know who I missed, or how they counted twice as many people, please let me know

Anyway, Larry Augustin from both V.A. Research and SVLUG made a nice introduction of Linus.


So, as usual, Linus gave a funny, entertaining talk.


If I didn't know any better, I'd say that his oldest daughter is already a Linux convert. At least, she seemed very interested in the talk :-).


A lot of people wrote reports already, so I'm not going to give too many details. At some point, he said "Ooops, my machine crashed". That was actually a joke, a pun on a presentation Bill Gates did, when his demo machine crashed.

I also very much liked his Q&A session (you can see a fuzzy copy of his slide in the picture library), but it basically said:
Q: What happens if Linux is hit by a bus?
A: I won't care, will I?

Q: What's with the penguin, anyway?
A: If bugweiser can have a frog to sell beer, why ask about the penguin?

Q: Would you like to be like Bill Gates?
A: Bill who?

Q: What does Transmeta do?
A: Cool Stuff.

Q: What the &%! are we still doing here, when there's a party next door?
A: Beats me, Partay!

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