Day 1: Tutorials: Using Glibc 2.1


Ulrich was obviously an excellent speaker for this subject since he works on Glibc full time.

He gave a presentation of the new features in Glibc 2.1. Indeed, since Glibc 2.0 was the first release for linux, there were a few rough edges at first, and a few things were missing.
Glibc 2.1 will be compatible will most of the important standards (including Unix98, Posix.2, ISO C9x and IPv6)

Ulrich went through some of the new interfaces in glibc 2.1, and it seemed clear to me that glibc 2.1 will make linux at least as good (if not better) than many commercial unices functionality-wise (a good example is the iconv support).

His tutorial was a very good source of information.


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