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Thanks to the sponsors, there were numberous food and drink breaks. Mmmmh, donuts, candy bars and orange juice... the perfect meal :-)

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Budy tux was there. You know you want one. Well, you can buy one from linuxmall (the 3 footer ones go for $90). I can't wait to see the upcoming 6 foot 5 inch model.


The other obvious cool thing is that I got to meet/see again a lot of people from the linux community.

From left to right: Werner Almesberger, me, Donald Becker, and Geert Uytterhoeven on a pizza strike :-)

Here, I'm in company of Bob Young, and a fellow Frenchman: Daniel Veillard (XML work for the W3C and rpmfind)

Here are a few people who should know:

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Jos Vos, on the left, wrote the original IP firewalling code
If you don't watch Larry Augustin from V.A. Linux Systems, he'll try to hire you
(here, my friend Felix from SGI doesn't know what Larry is going to do yet :-))

Don't you think Maddog should be a model? :-)

[picture] [picture] [picture]
Michael Johnson, Doug Ledford (both from Red Hat) and Geert Uytterhoeven

Geert is admiring Werner's linux port on the Psion 5

There are other pictures you may want to look at in the picture library (including linuxwear)

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