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2015/02/08 New Zealand Day 31: Queenstown Day1: Luge, River Surfing
π 2015-02-08 01:01 in Nz2015, Trips

After getting back in Queenstown, we got up and went for a quick walk to downtown towards the gondola where they also do parasailing and luge:

Very nice few from the top of the gondola:

Downtown Queenstown
Downtown Queenstown

After enjoying the view, we went to do luge. It wasn't as good as the track in Rotorua, but eh, still fun:

A fun run, passing Jennifer after I gave her a bit of a head start:

After that, we were hoping to parasail, but the winds were too high, so we went river surfing instead, which was quite interesting, and intense at times (it's basically like white river rafting, but on a boogie board):

The rest of the evening, we spent in Queenstown:

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